Q and A with Designer Amber Justice

1] “Tell us about yourself.” Where you’re from, where did you study, what are your interests/passions?

Though I always found myself interested in trends and art, my journey in the fashion industry truly began right after high school. My intention throughout high school was to become a criminal defense lawyer. Why not…that is after all what most children are told growing up, “become a doctor or lawyer, and you’re sure to be a success.” But my true passion was art! I loved making things look “pretty,” creating something original, and the satisfaction that comes with a second party agreeing that my design is not only something they would wear; but something they feel good in. I made the decision to move to Michigan, and start schooling at The International Academy of Design. This decision proved to be a perfect fit, the same feeling one might get, after slipping their foot into a new pair of flawless Jimmy Choo’s.

2] When did you realize your love for fashion and decide that you wanted to become a designer?

Studying at the International Academy of Design was imperative! Not only did it teach me about textiles, pattern drafting, and how to sew; it also fine-tuned my sketching skills. After attending school for a couple years in Michigan, I traveled to London, England. Here I found myself more inspired than ever! The history and fashion forwardness of the locals was incredible. While in London I realized that if I wanted to be remembered in history, as one of the greats, I had some big shoes to fill! After returning to the states I made one of the most important decisions of my life; trademarking the name A Bit of Skirt, and designing our company logo.

3] What or whom are you inspired by?

In today’s world, women are power houses! They build empires, jet-set, and work just as many, if not more hours per week than men. The only difference being they take more time in consideration to their appearance. I know that for myself, I like to know that whether I’m walking into a meeting, having dinner, or busy doing my day to day activities… I enjoy knowing I’m making an entrance, looking feminine, and am taken seriously. Every woman wants to feel that way, and I like to think that my designs help women get that feeling of empowerment; while not breaking their checkbook.

4] What was the first garment that you designed?

One of the first garments I designed was a multi-colored pastel flapper. In fact to this day the sample still hangs in my office.

5] Describe how A Bit of Skirt’s name was born.

While in London, I can remember sitting in a pub; a group of gentlemen were laughing and carrying on. A breathtaking women walked by and one of the gentlemen stated that she was his ‘bit of skirt’. I turned my chair instantly, and promptly asked what the term meant! He explained that she was his lady, or a very attractive woman. Well, that was it for me…I was in love with the phrase; and the name A Bit of Skirt was officially born.

6] What are your goals with A Bit of Skirt?

When I started this company a little under five years ago, I promised myself that within five years we would be in the position to mass produce. That has now come to light, which is precisely why we can’t slow down! Over the next 5-7 years my hope is to bring A Bit of Skirt to Paris Fashion Week. I realize I cannot do this without our customers! I promise to continue working my hardest, bringing you trendsetting styles. I absolutely welcome any and all feedback on our designs. Though it’s said that you can’t please everyone, I believe you can surely try! So, let’s work together and make the world our own personal runway.